Boring day! D. was today because little gamecube played. Little flyff, my room and then made ready for Monday. Yes! You will ask what is Monday. It is the big day I get laminate. Then the evening with little T. and D. Ts ² talked. Unfortunately, the whole weekend is V. gone * wine *. But they sent me a task and give up on Sunday evening to Fly for Fun lvl 115. is a serious goal.
8.8.08 01:34

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X. :\'D (11.8.08 18:55)
Hey stranger :D
I just found your sweet little blog and when I noticed that you write in English, I thought, might be fun to read because I love English. :'D
Well... after your first entry, my mind changed a bit. o.O'
I'm sorry, I don't want to sound arrogant ^^ But your English skills.. they really scare me. XD
Of course, everybody does make mistakes, but your English is so bad - my teacher would kill himself! XD
Again, sorry for barging in. ^^' I just wanted to tell you - supposably it doesn't bother you anyway. :D
Yours, X. [yes, I feel very mysterios now. ;D]

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