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So, da ich heute zu faul bin noch was richtiges zu schreiben, werde ich nur eine kleine Einleitung schreiben.


Ich werde mein Kompletten Blog einmal auf Deutsch und einmal auf Englisch schreiben. Nein! Ich habe dafür keinen besonderen Grund einfach so! Und nur auf Deutsch weil so viele keine Englisch sprechen oder nur ungenügend.


So, because today I'm still too lazy to write was correct, I will just write a little introduction.


I will complete my blog once in German and even write in English. No! I voted for no particular reason so easy! And only in German because so many do not speak English or just insufficient.


4.8.08 23:09

This morning just relaxed up nicely and then very loosely on the sofa. First, watching television shortly still Pc 2 emails sent, and then from there went to the hairdresser. Full long, have now in my blonde hair blonde strands, and unfortunately far too short become -.- but still well back home application, and quickly finished off. Short was eaten and then bit by D. D. chilled. Couple smoked, talked little and then played GTA back home and there was just totally annoyed T. kick from channel also am not stupid can insult what is this? I then went and had just phoned with D. and looked a little television and already was the day to end. Day was quite okay not to be as boring else
5.8.08 21:35

This was a fuck day was my first computer break with bluescreen and all have drum and turn it on and made new vista vista converted but did not want to as I wanted xp again recorded and all day on the couch and watch TV looked located before boredom am total annoyed well what should we do today, 5 minutes teamspeak been seen and not least me D. sweetens the evening because he was there with me to play gamecube was the evening at least not quite so bad, what is rest of the day can not say could well a day without computer but also boring times xD see what tomorrow's day with them. hopefully more action than it is today. I noticed today that my clock no longer. class! is the battery all the nerves has once again go 1 time harburg only because of a new battery for the clock well regardless of what must be must be going well now quickly into bed tomorrow morning then quickly go
7.8.08 01:33

Boring day! D. was today because little gamecube played. Little flyff, my room and then made ready for Monday. Yes! You will ask what is Monday. It is the big day I get laminate. Then the evening with little T. and D. Ts ² talked. Unfortunately, the whole weekend is V. gone * wine *. But they sent me a task and give up on Sunday evening to Fly for Fun lvl 115. is a serious goal.
8.8.08 01:34

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