This morning just relaxed up nicely and then very loosely on the sofa. First, watching television shortly still Pc 2 emails sent, and then from there went to the hairdresser. Full long, have now in my blonde hair blonde strands, and unfortunately far too short become -.- but still well back home application, and quickly finished off. Short was eaten and then bit by D. D. chilled. Couple smoked, talked little and then played GTA back home and there was just totally annoyed T. kick from channel also am not stupid can insult what is this? I then went and had just phoned with D. and looked a little television and already was the day to end. Day was quite okay not to be as boring else
5.8.08 21:35

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(5.8.08 22:21)
Ich war nicht genervt...alleine schon wenn ich daran denke wie oft Leute im CChannel sagen "Halt die Fresse" oder "Mowl" finde ich es ned wirklich schlimm, wenn ich mir mal erlaube zu sagen "Halt die Schnauze". Aber das ist wohl Ansichtssache oO

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